Akeneo Custom Category Attributes

Akeneo Custom Category Attributes Bundle

Add additional, individual attribute fields to the Akeneo categories!

Individual category information through additional attributes

You may be aware of the problem: you are enriching your products in Akeneo to create a perfect database. However, with the categories you have no possibility to maintain further information such as category description or SEO content. You must change the system to enrich this data.

The Akeneo Custom Category Attributes Bundle gives you exactly this option: Define once which additional attributes you need to maintain in the categories and include the maintenance of this data in your internal process. The data is then available to you in the well-known Akeneo export / import profiles as well as via the Rest-API.

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The extension in action

All custom category attributes at a glance: On the left the representation in Akeneo, on the right the initial configuration of the attributes.

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