Akeneo Shopware Connector

Akeneo Shopware Connector

Export your product data fully automated to Shopware - with the Akeneo Shopware Connector from HDNET

Product data always up-to-date

Akeneo and Shopware are among the most advanced systems in e-commerce: centralized management of your product data takes place via the Akeneo PIM System. Shopware handles the presentation and the shop functions for you.

With our Akeneo Shopware Connector it is now possible to export all relevant product data to your Shopware shop. After an initial one-time setup, the export works without any manual effort and is fully automated!

Enjoy the certainty that the products in your shop are always up to date and meet your quality requirements!

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The Connector in action

Export of categories, product families and products (product models with variants and simple products) from Akeneo PIM to Shopware.

One tool for all exports to Shopware

You decide which of the three main exports should be started at what point in time. This allows you to tailor your processes to your business needs, as well as your customer requirements without them intervening with each other.

Complete export of all relevant product data

The export of your data to Shopware takes place in three steps - fully automated and without manual effort.



Export all relevant categories for your online shop at the push of a button.

Families & attributes

Families & attributes

Stay in control of the timeliness and quality of your product data in Akeneo.



Transfer the relevant products, models and variants to Shopware!

Choose from our software-packages

The connector is not a classic Akeneo extension, but a system-independent software.
This gives you the flexibility to decide who should manage the software and where to run it.


Enjoy all the benefits of a SaaS solution and rent the software from us!

The following services are included

  • Initial set-up of the software
  • Two accounts: Development & Live-Environment
  • Software operation
  • Automated import of minor and patch releases
  • Guaranteed update capability for major releases
Price on request


Stay in control of your software and purchase it from us!

The following services are included

  • Simple right to use the software
  • Spatially and temporally unrestricted usage
  • License to operate under one Akeneo instance
  • Access to minor and patch releases
Price on request

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